Flowers are a beautiful way to express sympathy, love, condolence and respect.

With a wide range of traditional and modern options to choose from, our funeral arrangers can help you select personalised floral arrangements for the service. 
Our local florist partners can create something special to honour your loved one and you can even choose their favourite flowers and colours. * Please note – we do not have fresh flowers in stock for sale.

Flowers have significance in every stage of the life cycle from birth to death. In death, flowers are a traditional way to honor the deceased, which is symbolic of the fragile, fleeting nature of life. It is thought that the natural beauty of flowers lessens some of the emotional burden that accompanies the visual imagery of funerals.

Funeral flowers often help facilitate emotional release, as some mourners struggle to express their grief verbally. Sending flowers is an expression of respect, sympathy and love for the deceased.

Funeral flowers are used in many different ways.  Floral arrangements can be displayed in the funeral chapel or church during the service, a casket spray can be placed on the coffin and the flowers can be placed on the grave after a burial.

Funeral flowers represent a visual tribute to the relationship you had with the deceased and help you express your feelings of loss.